Monday, March 7, 2011


This is the guy behind me. He drowns out all the other voices in my head.

This is a weak post, I know. And it's been weeks since I posted. Coincidence?

okay, a run-down.

SRAM Force comes in white boxes with greasy fingerprints all over them. Warehouse pickers, and then the shop guys (Amanda refuses to wear gloves), and then me.

I spent my retirement and the kids' college fund on new bike kit. See also: "voices in my head, 2011".

What began as a kick-ass early training regimen, has devolved into a bare frame on the stand, and so many packages of Belgian suds.

10 pounds down, and 10 pounds up. No worries, it's only March. The bike is back together. Still waiting on the rear deramarialister. I robbed one off the cross weapon to get me rolling. Supposed to rain for the rest of the week, but I ain't afeard. Wednesday will see me back on the snowy peaks. Maybe dancing. Maybe dragging the poor legs around. Photobucket


  1. That paint is very Colnago isn't it? A couple of years ago my bro-in-law, the one we call "Big Dummy" was staying in a fancy Vegas hotel. It happened to be right after Interbike and Ernesto and his posse were staying there too. In his honor the hotel had a couple of his show bikes displayed in the lobby. Big Dummy bumped into one and knocked it over - a theme bike with DiVinci sketches covering the frame. Dummy said, "I don't think it was dinged up too bad."