Friday, December 31, 2010

The Selvedge Yard

"Put first things first, is all I’m sayin’– like your life over your stuff, for starters. You want to fetishize over red chambray, Red Wings and other red hipster shit? Go right ahead. Nothin’ wrong with that. As for TSY– We are going anti-brand / pro-balls, baby. That’s right– live it. You are the brand.

Did McQueen make the Persols, or did the Persols make McQueen? Think anyone is drawing a parallel between you and McQueen because you’re wearing Persols? Just you. Promise– you’re the only one thinking it. Do you see what I’m sayin’? Take back your life. Make it about more worthwhile endeavors, and the style will follow. Style is a great complement to substance– but it sure the hell ain’t a substitute for it. There is no shortcut. Just a long line of wannabes. How you live your life is your brand.

Let the world feel the weight of who you are– they can worry about what you wore when you’re dead."

This blog is all you need. Mostly.

And Berg, you can post a link to me if you want. I'm just telling you right off the bat that I'm not planning on posting regularly, and when I do, it'll be mostly lies.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Plug in the table saw and get some of that wonky 20-dollar-a-sheet plywood and build yourself a chair.

Get your wife to make a cushion for it.

Make a fucking loveseat while you're at it.

Drag it into the yard and drink some tall cans on it.

Get good and drunk and make her laugh like you used to.

I've been hearing that Europe is in trouble again. We are too, from what I can tell.

I don't care anymore. We lost our house. Bankrupt, and all.

I'm in the middle of it, but it seems a good long time ago. The government is fucked. I voted for the bastard. It's my fault for believing it. Another soft-handed mush-mouth. Just like the last one. They're all pretending to be something they're not. Some of them are even good at it.

Listen to the radio sometime. Or better, don't.

So we augered-in here. Work is steady. I spent some of the Savings on a '72 Econoline because there's a lot of cabinet work happening. I stay busy enough managing the bar, but there's new bars and restaurants all the time. They need stuff built, and it's good for me to get all sawdusty. Even the 6 shelves I made today make me feel as whole as anything I've ever done.

We should look at the entire day, just to put it into context.

Up and at them. Cereal for the boys, drop them at school and back home. Put on the red "Blizzard-Pruf" coverall and do some sanding. This is when I listened to the radio and I shouldn't have.

Strip down, wash face and hands, pomade the quiff and downtown to the restaurant.

Frightened Rabbit in the car. I hate them. But I can't stop.

Ate some pink soup. Drank a Tiger and a Taiwan Beer.

The rest was carpentering, buying beer, dropping the wife at work, a venison burger, picking up the sons. A good bit of involved fathering.

Bathing them. Marley's ghost. And here at the computer.

My cup runneth over.