Tuesday, November 16, 2010

loose Lips

There is a lot happening here. Sadly, most of it is still top-secret and if I tell you, then I've told everyone, and you know what happens then, don't you Haywire?

Shit goes haywire.

The not secret stuff is to follow. Maybe not so intriguing as the loose lips sink ships/irons in the fire that keep me up all night scheming and sweating 12 ga. slugs. But here it is.

-Oatis is back in the fridge. I used it to make Irish beef stew last week and the gravy was thick and black. It were a good 'un.

-The Cross Crusade finished on sunday last. Yet another near the back start, and yet another climb up into the lead pack. I knocked down over 100 spots, then crashed in the sharp gravel after the barriers and gave up position to the meat and fat and inside parts that were hanging out of my leg.

Just two spots. Then two laps holding strong with my left sock full of blood and dirty water.

The piece i debrided had some real good looking meat on it. The first I've seen of my own and as much time as I spend in kitchens and messing with food my first thought was to maybe put a bit of sear on it and have a little taste.

I didn't. But I sure thought about it. How many chances you gonna get for that?

-I put The Ghost up for the winter. I built it too fast and have been trying to stay out of it.

Motherfuckers try me constantly and I can't help but playing along. The 1-2 shift at 6000 is like maybe the feeling of knowing you're gonna die and then it not happening. It will make you love your life.

-Rapha Pumpkin Ridge ride tomorrow, but did I mention that I have an obscene, gaping hole in my leg? And, Ultegra 9 speed, which, in the Rapha-sphere is probably much, much worser.

-I bought $116 worth of casters today, but that's about all I'm going to to say about that.

Just let it be known that the J.W. Negus Company of Portland, Oregon is the place to go if you need to put little wheels on something secret.

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